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Brazen Branding is a service created to help you establish and manage your brand and online presence

smoothly, without hassle. With step by step to help you connect your message with a fantastic visual brand, as

well as develop creative and attractive content for your social media so you can enhance your user

engagement, authority, and visibility.


Mary Simms-

Award-Winning Publicist | Media Strategist | Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor | Former NBC TV Reporter | U.S. Army Vet

Charlene is an ambitious, talented and exceptionally skilled photographer, graphic designer, and social media manager. She has an impressive breadth of knowledge that spans multiple platforms and digital strategies. She is focused and creative and eager to invent and implement solutions for content creation and curation. In addition to having an amazing work ethic and always making sure everything is completed to a very high standard, she is dedicated and committed to always being a joy to work with -- providing tireless efforts to provide the very best results.

Gicela Tangarife


You are a kick ass woman!!!
working with you has been an amazing experience.
you are talented and a master of your craft!
you are a pleasure to work with and you knew exactly what I needed.
Thanks a million!!!

Bethany Schmidt


Charlene is a talented photographer and marketer able to use her skills to generate engaging social content that will connect with your target audience. I recommend her as a social media manager and content creator because I know she has the skills to help businesses achieve measurable results using digital marketing strategies. Charlene is committed to developing her own skills.

Muhammad Usama

She's very helpful, with great Social Media strategy skills, to elevate your business, professional, and sincerely loves helping people! If you need a trusted coach, Charlene is the best person for the job!

Pilar Paredes

Cha Trinsi is fantastic, creative and surprisingly wonderful ... besides an exceptional human.

SheKeitha N. Stanley

She's amazing and a great person to help you conceptualize and implement you crazy ideas. She has helped me to grow my LinkedIn, define my brand and generate a quality message to my ideal clientele. You won't regret working with her.

Steven Safak

I had asked for some digital marketing advice on a closed group for marketers, & Cha had some awesome advice...That's how I found this page! She knows her stuff.

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