My name is Charlene Trinsi I’m the one in charge of the Brazen Brand Builders.

I began my journey as a fashion designer, drawing for a store in the South of Brazil.

But life got on the way, and I moved to Iceland and had to readjust to my new reality, it was when I started my career with graphic design and later on photography. After moving to Sweden, I started to get clients in my home studio and felt the need to study digital marketing to expand my photography business.

After diving into the marketing strategy world,

I started helping out professionals and influencers with their accounts. This included monitoring trends and analyzing metrics, SEO, creating content, and publishing it on social platforms to maximize their visibility and brand awareness.

My background in fashion, graphic design, and photography is a unique blend of professional experience. I am proud to offer this multi-faceted skill set to make a significant impact on your business, helping you enhance your brand to attract its target audience.